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Welcome to the MingoPack NFT Project!

The MingoPack NFT Project is a decentralized project with tons of utility to come!

Mingo Pack

The Mingopack NFT project is a collection of 5555 unique utility enabled flamingos that live on the blockchain. The traits will eventually unlock different membership levels, perks and a whole lot more.

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What is Mingo Pack about?

Community and utility is at the heart of Mingo pack. At its core we want you to become part the pack!

5555 NFT's

5555 incredible unqiue chubby flamingos, with a wide array of traits.

Fair distribution

We want you to get on our exclusive whitelist. We like to keep things simple here at mingo pack. Follow us on twitter, like and retweet for a chance to min early!

ERC-721 tokens

Mingopack can be owned by anyone with an Ethereum Wallet address. Mingopack are fully transferrable and tradeable on platforms such as OpenSea, Gem or Genie.

10 per transaction

Hey come on! Don't get greedy now!

Join our Twitter and explore our growing community


Exclusive Mingo Pack merchandise

Join our community to get the latest on giveaways as all our members will have the chance to win mingopack merchandise

Access to the exclusive Mingo Pack ALPHA community

Get the latest on some of the best partner projects


New collections, alpha tips, giveaways and staking

Other secret features

Keep a close eyes on our twitter channel for announcement!

Free NFTs from our future collection

All our members will be entitled to airdrops from our future collections!

Try to make some ETH with Mingo Pack ALPHA Insights

We'll be partnering with a range of incredible projects and we want our community to reap the rewards!


10 % Minted

We will mint 100 NFTs for future team, community, and giveaway purposes.

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30 % Minted

The Mingo Pack Community for our NFT holders will be created. The only possible way to enter this community is by proving your Mingo Pack NFT ownership.

As a member of this closed community, firsthand pre-sale info about our (or other rare) future NFT projects, and access to many crypto giveaways! On top of that, you will be part of very exclusive / community of likeminded individuals!

50 % Minted

We will do a great giveaway of 0.2 ETH to three lucky minters of our Mingo Pack NFT Community.

70 % Minted

We will donate 2.5 ETH to an organization dedicated to improving the lives of homeless people

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90 % Minted

We will create special Mingo Pack Merchandise that will be available at a huge discount for members and sent to many NFT influencers around the world, so that everyone from the crypto community knows about the Mingo pack NFT project.

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100 % Minted

We are already working on a future NFT Collection that will drop shortly after the Mingo Pack NFT collections is 100% minted. And yes—you guessed it—2,500 lucky owners of the Mingo Pack NFT will receive a random of NFT from the following collection for free!

It will also stay our top priority to keep working on the mingo pack project intensively, so that the recognition and value of the Mingo Pack NFT goes all the way up - to the moon!

Mingo Pack NFT Holders Community Membership

As we have already mentioned, a Mingo Pack community for our NFT holders will be created right after 30% of Mingo Pack NFTs are minted (which means very soon after the drop date). In order to get access to this exclusive community, you will have to prove ownership of at least one Mingo Pack NFT. There will be no other way to the get access.

Here you can see what exactly you will get as a Mingo Pack community member:

Mingo Pack NFT Holders Community

NFT Tips and Suggestions

All Mingo Pack NFT Holders will have access to frequent NFT trading tips and recommendations from crypto experts and the Mingo Pack NFT developers.

Pre-Sale Info About Future NFT Projects & Collections

As a member of the Mingo Pack NFT holders’ exclusive community, you will be first to know about all our (and also other interesting) NFT collections.

Frequent Giveaways

We are planning to do many giveaways inside the Mingo Pack NFT holders’ exclusive community that you definitely won’t want to miss out on. These will include NFT giveaways, ETH giveaways, merchandise giveaways, and many others!

Merchandise Development & Influencer Distribution

If you have read our ROADMAP, you already know about the merchandise we have huge plans for. As a member of the Mingo Pack NFT holders’ community, you will have a chance to take part in the merchandise development as well as in choosing the crypto/NFT influencers that we will send the Mingo Pack NFT merchandise to for them to wear, so that the influencers can showcase the Mingo Pack NFT collection to their followers, fans, and community through the merchandise!

NFT/Crypto News, Courses And Webinars

We want our Mingo Pack NFT holders’ community members to be well educated in the crypto and NFT world. That’s why there will be frequent crypto/NFT webinars and other valuable information shared by cryptocurrency experts and successful investors from all around the world.

Connection With Likeminded Individuals

Mingo Pack NFT holders will have a great chance to connect with each other, and we are 100-percent sure that many amazing things, projects, ideas, and friendships will come out of the community membership for everyone involved.

And Much More!

There are also many other things that will certainly be happening in the Mingo Pack NFT holders’ community that we want to keep private for now. But we can promise you that you have many things to look forward to. Just don’t forget to mint your Mingo Pack NFT, and we assure you that you will not regret it!

By the way, we recommend that everyone buy at least three Mingo Pack NFTs, but we won’t tell you why just yet :P.

Mingo pack Team

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Chief Creator

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Chief Design

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Chief Technologist

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Some of your frequently asked questions.

When are the Mingo Pack dropping?

The aim is to have them drop end of September.

How much will Mingo Pack NFTs cost?

O.01 ETH, which is really well priced

How and where can I purchase Mingo Pack NFTs?

Right here at

How many Mingo Pack NFTs can be minted per transaction?

10 is the max per wallet

What type of tokens are the Mingo Pack?

ERC-721 tokens

How many Mingo Pack do you recommend buying on the drop day?

We'd recomend a minimum of 4

How can I contact the Mingo Pack team?

Contact us on twitter or by email